Add the Facebook Like Button Below every Post


FaCebOok like Button

Do you wanna your blog have ‘like’ facebook button ??
1. Log in to
2. Click On Layouts and Edit Html
3. Click on Expand Widget Templates
4. Find This Code (Ctrl + F)

5. Paste This Code After 1st Code

Koleksi Cerita Lawak
Koleksi Artikel Tips dan Info Cinta

You also can change :

•The color by changing colorscheme=light to colorscheme=dark
•The width and height (see the above snippets)
•The “Like” word to “Recommended” by changing action=like to action= recommend
•Show faces by changing show_faces=false to show_faces=true.
•And turn off Send by applying send=true to send=false.
•Change like style layout=standard – layout=box_count or layout=button_count

Updated !!!~

Jika Anda Rasa Artikel Ni Berguna, Silakan Klik Button Like Dibawah. Terima Kasih


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