scrOllbar cOde

copy this cOde and Paste at add gadget in layoutsdelete in the code you copy

mOuse cUrsOrs

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aNtiviruS fOr frEe – a free Anti-virus software that actually works, and doesn’t eat resources, and is easy to install, update and use. is a more-than adequate replacement to Microsoft’s firewall, and far more configurable. Here’s what the site has to say about it: “ZoneAlarm Free Firewall blocks

sorry for the error.. my blog have been block for 6 days.. or maybe dlete by blogger for MALWARE which i dont know where did MALWARE come from and attack my blog.. la la la.. i hope that i get my blog back from blogger as soon

my first nite

fUhh.. gmbar bersama partner robotik aku letey nyer.. baru balek mlam tadi dari kursus ROBOTIK kat Kiara… Isk isk Isk.. start dari slasa smpai rabu.. dari pgi smpai ptg … pastu smbung lagi.. 1st nite p0wn kna stdy balek program tkot2 robot jadi gilew fuhh… besh gilew

Label widget

TRY THIS To make it interesting, please drop your mouse on the images on the left. It’s nice, isn’t it? A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me a tutorial about making animated widget flash label/category as seen on the left. That widget is usually

aNtiviRus frEe dOwnload

lOlx.. ada org tnye ape lebihnya blOg nie ?? ape yang best nyer website nie ?? aku ckap lew.. yg best kat website nie.. korang dpat tgok gmbar aku… hahaha best x ?? mesti best kan ?? hahahaha.. kat sni xda yg best2 smua biase2 jar :)