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Most people come to your site to read information and very small percentage of people come to your site to steal your work,images,etc.So,most people feel it insulting and I think it's very unprofessional thing to do

If you want to protect your images,my suggestion is to add a Watermark(logo) of your sitename,or your name on the images,pictures,etc.
Note:Using this javascript code,you only disable the right click by warning the visitors that the content is copyrighted.


Where to paste it in blogger ?
Sign in to your blogger dashboad>layout>Add a Pageelement>html/javascript(look at the screenshot below)

and paste the below javascript code and Save the changes.

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widg berkata...

great post, want link exchange?

Unknown berkata...

sure can.. :)

Ruzana Shaliza Shashah berkata...

klaw nak kt fb ke myspce sm gk ke ?

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