UnbloCk website

This entry show you how you can unblock Facebook,
Frienster and Other Social Websites that has been
block by University, School or Office.
What you need to do is just visit the site and
enter URL that you want to go. i.e.
http://www.facebook.com. Enjoy!

unblock any website
Proxies are exactly like a tunnel between
a computer and a web server. When a URL is
entered in the proxy form, the proxy fetches
the requested page and shows it. A connection
is made between the proxy and the website,
so the user has no direct connection with the website.
Web proxies users have two advantages
when using a proxy to browse the web:
They can unblock websites like MySpace,
FaceBook, YouTube, etc. that are blocked by
web filters in schools or work places and they
can browse the web anonymously

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