Paypal Donation Button Widget

Adding a Paypal Donation Button
Sign into your Paypal account and if you don’t have one you can get here PayPal Here
1. Login into your Paypal account with your paypal E-mail address and password
2. Click on ‘Merchant Services’ Tab available in the Top Menu
3. When you scroll down your window, you will see a ‘Donations’ link in the
‘PayPal Website Payments Standard’ heading Section.
4. Clicking on the ‘Donate’ link will take you a form where you are asked to fill some
information’s name/service, Donation ID (optional).
5. Click on ‘Customize Appearance’ in order to use your own image for the button.
You may use one of the images above if you like.
6. After Filing the required information click on ‘Create Button’ link.

7. Now you will see some HTML Code, copy it

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