How To Overcome Acne

How To Overcome Acne

How To Overcome Acne - Acne is a problem that often befall those who grew up mainly teenagers. This problem is caused by clogged pores by thickening of the skin at the opening of the pores, oil of cosmetic ingredients or are increasing oil production from the oil glands (sebaceous gland). This condition depends on hormones and genes determined by a bacterial infection of the ducting There pores (caused by bacteria Propionebacterium)

Among the methods that can be used to overcome the problem of acne are:

1. Do not Squeeze - bacteria found in acne. Patient / professional conference.
2. Do not Touch - Your hands carry different types of germs. Cautious
3. Do not over-wash - wash twice a day is recommended, especially adolescents. Use a scrub is not recommended.
4. Eat Healthy - Cut bread and refined grains. Make sure you drink enough water.
5. Bath After Exercise - Sweat stimulate the growth of acne. Make sure the bath immediately after exercise or rinse your face as soon as possible.

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