What is Depression ?

Is it Depression? - Depression is a common disease. Every 5 out of 100 people will experience significant depression and the remaining 5 out of 100 people will experience a depressive illness which was not significant in their lives. This means that 10% of the population and will never experience it.

Depression is composed of many physical and psychological symptoms that become necessary treatment instructions:

- Loss of interest and life erratic / vacancy.
- No enthusiasm and motivation, making something or take a very difficult decision.
- Dizziness, easily enraged and insecure.
- Weight and appetite increases / decreases.
- Especially difficult to sleep or sleeping.
- Loss of love, no desire to have sex.
- Loss of self-confidence, avoiding meet people.
- Sense of worthlessness, guilt, sadness, feeling hopeless and desperate.
- Feeling very badly on a particular occasion, especially in the morning.
- Ever thought of committing suicide.

These are common signs and is an indication that you need a rock and proper treatment.

Factors that cause depression:

Anyone can face depression for no apparent reason other such diseases. but there are times when it is caused by the real reasons
- Reaction to physical illness
- Illness or death of relatives
- Stress
- Workload
- Loss of jobs
- Relationship problems
- Financial difficulties
- Family problems

Things that need to be faced by everyone, but when someone is experiencing depression, their reaction to all of these things become too stressful and first than it should.

Apart from taking drugs, there are many other ways to help yourself recover as usual among which are:

- Chat with close friends
- Exercise / sports
- Proper Nutrition / Healthy
- Make homework / Berhobi as usual

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