Cheking Malware On Your Pc or Checking Malware On Your Website

What is Malware
Malware in its many forms poses one of the biggest threats to internet users today.
Malicious software can be divided into a number of different categories and includes
computer viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware among others.
It has the ability to hijack your web browser, redirect your search engine attempts,
bombard your screen with pop-up advertisements and even monitor your activity.
Because malware is often poorly scripted, it may cause your computer to become
terribly slow and unstable. If it is not removed immediately, this type of program can
eventually cause your system to become inoperable.
Most malware programs will reinstall themselves even after you think
they have been removed. They typically hide deep within the Windows registry,
making them difficult to manually remove. When this occurs, your computer may become
so unstable that installing a malware removal tool may be impossible.

Malicious Software Removal Tool From Your PC

Check Malware On Website <--- replaced with your website

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