Can You Beat Messi's Speed

Every Team Needs Light Speed, and we want YOU to demonstrate
just how fast you are! Our newly launched F50 adizero is the lightest boot
ever made by adidas, but we want you to experience it for yourselves
when you guys play football with them!
adidas is bringing you the F50 adizero Speed Trial,
a football carnival that hypes up the World Cup fever,
so come along and experience just what Fast Football really is!

Event Details:
adidas Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur - 9th-13th June 2010
Sunway Pyramid, Selangor - 18th-20th June 2010
adidas Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur - 25th-27th June 2010
1Borneo, Sabah & Sarawak - 25th-27th June 2010

4 ulasan

AbgFeroZ berkata...

messi da tua kasi la aku yg muda2 nie... hahaahah

dinda.teJa berkata...

my love is pure, only for my dinda - Messi

btw, dinda has tag ur blog, read this

Unknown berkata...

ciss dinda cureng..

dinda.teJa berkata...

bukan curenggg.. cuma wat spare je...

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