Setelah 2 Bulan Baru Innity Reject Publisher


Untuk kali ke 3 ke 4 ke 5 permohonan ntah la selepas 2 bulan request dan 2 email dihantar akhirnya innity respon juga email aku berkenaan permohonan untuk menjadi salah seorang publisher untuk innity. Tapi sayang… permohonan telah direject.

sebulan menunggu tiada respon email dihantar tiada respon akhirnya 2 bulan aku pun cubalah MobiCow untuk pengiklanan ke 2 blog aku selepas seminggu cuba mobicow baru innity respon email yang menyatakan permohonan aku ditolak (lupe plak popup) tapi takpa la dari menunggu 2 bulan tanpa respon baik aku cuba sesuatu yang baru. Bila la permohonan aku ni nak lulus agaknya.. isk isk iks..

Dear Mohamad Feroz Othman,

Thank you for your application to join Innity Performance Network. After a few rounds of review by our team, we have found that your site now does not yet meet our network criteria, due to Ads Spamming. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our network. We do believe in the potential of your site to grow substantially over the years and we are still open to future cooperation.

We have to ensure the effectiveness of Performance ads for our publishers and our advertisers. Hence, we review all publishers, and unfortunately we have to reject certain applicants.

If you need more information, please let us know.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Innity Performance Network Team

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