7 Things to Avoid After Eating

Wise men of old, even today scientists often say and agree that you are what you eat. There are also some who say that the root cause of all disease is from the stomach.

on this article Kuala Lumpur Security Association (PKPKL) would like to share some information about the practice after meals should be avoided in order to benefit the health of the reader.

1. Do not eat fruit after a meal - Many people thought that the fruit used as a dessert after a meal. This response is not quite right because eating fruits immediately after meals will cause stomach to be bloated because of too much water. Hence, it is better to eat fruit one hour before meals or two hours after a meal.

2. Do not drink the tea after a meal - acid contained in tea leaves can cause the protein content in food has been eaten will soon hardens where it would lead to food is difficult to digest. So you are advised to drink water only.

3. Do not bathe after eating - If you take a shower after eating, it can cause blood flow to the hands, feet and body will increase, while the amount of blood in the abdomen and surrounding areas will decrease. This will weaken the digestive system of your stomach.

4. Do Many Walk - do not run too much after you eat. This is because running too much can cause digestive system can not absorb nutrients from food that has been eaten. Later, take your time to rest a few minutes before continuing your daily work.

5. Do not Sleep After Eating - Practice sleep immediately after eating can harm your digestive system. This is because the food is not digested well by the digestive system when you sleep. Hence, spacing your time eating and sleeping at least one or two hours.

6. Do not Smoke After Eating - Based on the research, a cigarette after meal is equivalent to 10 cigarettes smoked at some other time. Smoking is undoubtedly harmful to your health. Hence, the best move is to quit smoking.

7. Do not Exercise after Eating - Exercise is good for your health and diet. However, do not exercise or other recreational activity after you eat. This is because physical activity drastically after eating will cause the digestive system can not function properly. Therefore, do not work out with a stomach full of food.

Health care is one of the main aspects emphasized ang alam consumerism. This is because the mental health Kida can assist ensure sustainability once the good life of the individual and the family.

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