Hair Damaged Causes

Hair Damaged Causes - Hair healthy and confident stage affect your character. Therefore make sure you do not do things that can cause hair damage. Here is the source of damaged hair you should avoid and reduce.

1. The process of bleaching, permanent or semi-permanent coloring, perming or straightening hair - This process causes damage to the hair cuticles bring the structure into the ground. Moreover dandruff also easily arise.

2. The hot weather - It also factors damaged hair because ultraviolet radiation removes hair protein thereby damaging the hair cuticles.

3. Brushing your hair too strong and frequent - This action can cause injury to the scalp, hair loss and dandruff. Avoid using a hair tie rubber band hair because it can menyebabka break.

4. Wash the hair is not perfect - washed hair is not perfect, especially after swimming damaging the hair when there is still salt and chlorine attached to the hair.

5. Too frequent or less washing hair - hair will lose moisture and become dry. Less washing hair also makes hair greasy and happy autumn.

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